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Patricia Spellen and Worldwide Travel

Patricia SpellenPatricia Spellen is an irrepressible wanderer, and travelling has always been in her blood. She has visited countries all over the world and has a list of countries to which she aspires to travel. She enjoys not only seeing the sights in a new environment but also learning more about different cultures.

Patricia Spellen has seen many of the different countries in Europe. She has visited Germany, Malta, France, Turkey, and many of the Greek islands. Unlike North America, Europe is a very compact continent: often if you travel one hundred miles in any direction you’ll find yourself in a place with a different language and a completely different culture.

Patricia Spellen was especially excited for a chance to view the Greek islands, which boast some of the world’s most beautiful vistas. The pristine blue waters of the Mediterranean and the stark cliffs and white beaches are truly a geographic treasure. It is rare to find a place with weather as beautiful as it is in the Mediterranean.

Patricia Spellen was born in Jamaica, and has been to other Caribbean islands, including the Bahamas and Bermuda. She loves the delicious spicy food of the region and the beauty of the beaches and countryside. There is always something new to discover, even in familiar places.

Patricia Spellen isn’t content to simply rest on her laurels. She has a list of countries she would like to visit in the near future, if she could. She’d like to see more of Eastern Europe, if possible. The blending of Eastern and Western cultures is fascinating in cities such as Sarajevo, and the countries in this region have so much recent history about which she would like to become more educated.

Patricia Spellen would also like to make her way to Africa, visiting Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa. Though all three countries are in the same continent, they have very different cultures and landscapes. But a part of becoming a well-rounded person is experiencing many of the different things that life has to offer.

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